Websters Chalk Paint Powder

A couple weeks ago, we started to carry Websters Chalk Paint Powder. We now stock it in our online store for easy purchase.

If you are unaware, Websters Chalk Paint Powder is a powder additive that you put into ANY paint you have and it turns it into chalk paint. It’s great for durable furniture, cabinets, or even just as a chalkboard. Be sure to use the Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax if you were wanting a protective coat on your chalk paint surface.

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Mailbag: How Do I Remove Mildew From My Asphalt Roof?

Defy Roof Cleaning Concentrate Before After
I am going to be starting a new segment on this little blog of ours. There’s been a couple people using the Contact Us page to ask different questions about painting, staining, colors, and many other things about the coatings industry. I’ve decided to make a mailbag post of some of these questions. If you have one, just fill out the form on the Mailbag Form page.

First question comes from Eric in Alpharetta, GA:

My asphalt roof is starting to mildew and show age. Is there any products you can recommend to clean up and extend the life of my asphalt roof?

There’s actually a couple different things you can use to freshen up your asphalt roof, Eric.

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How To Use Smith’s Decorative Floor Stains

smith color floor

A lot of people hear ‘decorative concrete floor staining’ and tend to be put off. Rightfully so. Acid stains can be extremely difficult, not to mention very unforgiving, if you haven’t used them before. But Smith Paints has a Color Floor line that is completely water-based, extremely easy to use, and very forgiving if you think you messed it up somewhere. I have customers that rarely do any type of painting or staining and they can make this stuff look good. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) right below and watch the videos further down then be sure to buy some Smith’s Color Floor from our store.

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Gaco Roof Application Guide

Just some tips and tricks on applying GacoRoof. And maybe some Frequently Asked Questions. And a video or two. And flyers. Wow. This post really has it all, eh?

It is extremely important to get the roof clean and dry. First remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves and other debris from the roof using broom or air broomer, then inspect the entire roof surface and flashings for any open seams, tears, cuts, etc. Repair these flaws so water is not blown in under membrane during the cleaning process. Pressure wash roof with water and allow to dry completely.

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