Websters Chalk Paint Powder

A couple weeks ago, we started to carry Websters Chalk Paint Powder. We now stock it in our online store for easy purchase.

If you are unaware, Websters Chalk Paint Powder is a powder additive that you put into ANY paint you have and it turns it into chalk paint. It’s great for durable furniture, cabinets, or even just as a chalkboard. Be sure to use the Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax if you were wanting a protective coat on your chalk paint surface.

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Martin Mathys Noxyde Rust Coating

Believe it or not, one of our highest quality products that we sell is also one of our least known about. When a lot of people think about rust preventative coatings they think about Rust Destroyer, Ospho, Rustoleum, and others.  Little do people know, Martin Mathys Noxyde vastly outperforms all other rust coatings and has a C5-M Corrosion rating (which is the highest rating you can receive).

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