Mailbag: How Do I Remove Mildew From My Asphalt Roof?

Defy Roof Cleaning Concentrate Before After
I am going to be starting a new segment on this little blog of ours. There’s been a couple people using the Contact Us page to ask different questions about painting, staining, colors, and many other things about the coatings industry. I’ve decided to make a mailbag post of some of these questions. If you have one, just fill out the form on the Mailbag Form¬†page.

First question comes from Eric in Alpharetta, GA:

My asphalt roof is starting to mildew and show age. Is there any products you can recommend to clean up and extend the life of my asphalt roof?

There’s actually a couple different things you can use to freshen up your asphalt roof, Eric.

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